RIP Gary Moore (1952-2011) Spausdinti
Pirmadienis, 07 Vasaris 2011 13:34

It has been reported by Hotpress’ website that that Belfast-born guitarist Gary Moore died his sleep last night while on holiday in Spain.


Sekmadienį mirė bliuzo gitaristas Gary Moore'as. 58 metų atlikėjas buvo rastas negyvas viešbučio „Costa del sol“ kambaryje Ispanijoje.

Pirminiais duomenimis G. Moore'ą ištiko širdies smūgis.

Gary Moore‘as (tikrasis vardas - Robert William Gary Moore, gimęs 1952 m. balandžio 4 d. Belfaste, Airijoje) buvo Šiaurės Airijos gitaristas bei dainininkas.

Nuo 7-ajame dešimtmetyje prasidėjusios karjeros pradžios jis grojo su tokiais atlikėjais kaip „Thin Lizzy“, BB King‘as, „Colosseum II“, Greg Lake ir bliuzo-roko kolektyvu „Skid Row“, o taip pat vykdė itin sėkmingą solinę veiklą.

Gary Moore nuotraukos mūsų draugo Aigaro svetainėje -


The Gary Moore story started on East Bread Street, in the hulking shadow of the ropeworks in east Belfast. In time, he would play with Thin Lizzy and Skid Row, a friend of George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Ozzy Osbourne. He was a virtuoso guitarist in that he could play extremely fast and send those fingers roaring along the frets. But Gary was not just a speed merchant. His ear was tuned to Irish traditional music, he made a reputation in jazz-fusion and metal, even experimenting with hip hop. The music industry prefers an artist that will stay with one genre, but Gary was loyal to his own impulses, occasionally a feature in the sales charts but always happily engaged with his art.
In 1963, he saw The Beatles playing at the Ritz in Belfast and soon became a feature in the nearby Maritime Hotel, active at 13 years old with The Beat Boys. The son of a ballroom manager, he was born into showbusiness, playing covers such as Alma Cogan's 'Sugar In The Morning'. After a stint with The Method, he was installed in Dublin, where Skid Row was taking shape. Phil Lynott was on his way out but Brush Shiels would steer the three piece to America, managed by Fleetwood Mac's handler, Clifford Davis. Gary was mentored by the Fleetwood guitarist Peter Green, who even gave Moore his white Les Paul guitar. The gesture was later returned when Gary composed a song called 'Blues For Greeny'.

He made several appearances with Thin Lizzy, replacing Eric Bell in 1974 and recording the track 'Little Darlin', plus an early version of the live showstopper 'Still In Love With You'. He was touring with the band on a 1977 US tour with Queen and in 1979 he featured on the 'Black Rose' album, rocking hard and throwing 'The Mason's Apron' and 'Danny Boy' into the heroically overdone 'Roisin Dubh'.

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