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1   Link   Terry Cryer
T E R R Y C R Y E R - žymus Amerikos džiazo ir bliuzo fotografas.

His pictures are jazz classics" -----------The Guardian

"The dean of UK jazz and blues photographers"

MOJO Magazine

"A revered of the first to capture jazz greats in Britain"

BOZ Magazine

"The UK's jazz and blues photographer par excellence"

Wire Magazine

"I've known Terry for many years as a mate and have admired his photographic work for as long as I can remember. Linda and I both respected his talent and his great photographic skills"

Paul McCartney
2   Link   Aigars Lapsa / Photography
Aigars Lapsa - žymusis latvių bliuzo fotografas, kurį fotografuoti kviečia pačios bliuzo žvaigždės, ir jo nuotraukos

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