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The Mike Wheeler Band

Mike Wheeler




In the city of Chicago, blues is a staple. Al Capone, Michael Jordan and the Sears Tower are what comes to mind when tourists visit Chicago but Chicago Blues is what captures their souls. And when these visitors enter a smoke filled blues bar in this great city, chances are they will be witnessing one of Chicago's finest young guitar players on the music scene.

Mike Wheeler is one of the biggest music fans that you will ever meet and his diverse knowledge of the music that he loves reflects in his music that he performs. For the past decade Mike has been making a serious mark in Chicago and the International Blues Scene. Whether he's playing in Chicago, on television or in Europe, Mike plays his heart felt music to the crowd with raw enthusiasm. This is why he is one of the most saught after musicians in Chicago.



Mike has performed with Koko Taylor, Shemekia Copeland, Jimmy Johnson, John Primer, Son Seals, Matthew Skoller, Willie Kent & the Gents, Cadillac Dave & His Chicago Redhots, Big James & the Chicago Playboys, to name a few. He has also recorded on various CD's: Cadillac Dave and His Chicago Redhots - Checkin' On My Baby (Mike received high regards for his original song - "Been So Lonely"). Big James & The Chicago Playboys - If It Wasn't 4 Da' Blues, Sam Cockrell & The Groove - I'm In The Business, and Joanna Connor - The Joanna Connor Band.

Dave Whiteis from the Chicago Reader wrote about Mike, after seeing him play with the Chicago Playboys, stating that he has the "Typical Chicagoan blend of Texas-to-Memphis panache and back-alley aggression." Mike @ House Of Blues

Mike most recently released his self-titled, debut CD, The Mike Wheeler Band Š he is most certainly on his way in becoming one of the Nation's top blues acts.

If you are looking for music that moves your soul as well as your feet - look no further than the Mike Wheeler Band. Mike's voice is truly soulful and his ripping guitar work will amaze the biggest guitar critic. Check out the Mike Wheeler Band TODAY! 



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