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Bobby Perry
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OBBY PERRY (Born: December 9, 1943) is one of the few remaining blues musicians who really understands the blues, lives the blues and plays the blues. Mr. Perry has written, produced and performed his unique blend of jazz and urban blues for years. He is now hard at work bringing to realization the hundreds of tunes he has composed.


Born in Chicago, literally two blocks from Pepper's Lounge, where Muddy Waters and Junior Wells spent long years. Bobby Perry used to sneak his 16 year old self into the clubs disguised as “older” using his mother's eyebrow pencil to draw on a mustache, and sporting a beautiful older girlfriend on his arm to listen to the best chicago blues. He met HOWLIN' WOLF, LEFTY DIZZ, HOUND DOG TAYLOR, and many other well-known blues pioneers. These men were his main influences and some became collaborators.

At 17, Bobby began performing professionally as ALVIN BISHOP'S lead vocalist with the original MEDALLIONS. He played the local Chicago circuit: Luther's Show Lounge, The Jet Club, the Star Club and finally Pepper's Lounge.

As a young adult he traveled around the country, gathering adventures and playing music with performers from the Mississippi Delta, with blues men in New Orleans, and all through the Texas panhandle. He purposely set out to experience the culture of his own people and as a result his music reflects a personal vision of the colors of his own life. After settling down to marriage and kids, he continued playing as a weekend musician and session artist for many years. In California he played with Pop and R&B bands: The Glass Pyramid, Donavie, Blue Arrival, and Porsche With Taste.

He studied and toured with jazz great LEE HESTER. He also was lead guitar and vocalist for JOHN HARTSMAN, REX KLINE, and MARVIN SALSBURY. A revived interest in the blues inspired Bobby to form his own band: Not-In-Hand that played at Sam's Hoffbrau, Sacramento for two years, where he had played with Mr. Hartsman.

Returning to San Francisco, Bobby joined DEACON JONES' band as lead guitar and vocalist playing at the Boom Boom Room (formerly Jack's).

Bobby has just finished his first solo CD “In the City” an urban blues compilation reflecting years of blues chops. His second CD “Love Camouflage” is a jazz tour de force about the life experience of an urban man.

Bobby wrote, arranged and performed all the tunes on both CDs.


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