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Mississippi Heat - Chicago Blues
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Mississippi Heat is an American Blues band.

The group was formed in 1991 in Chicago and was strongly influenced by early electric blues of the 1950s. They played locally in Chicago clubs and went through several member changes in the 1990s, all the while recording eight CD's and a DVD.


  • Pierre Lacocque - harmonica (1991-present)
  • Inetta Visor (-present)
  • Giles Corey (-present)
  • Steve Howard (-present)
  • Kenny Smith - drums (1997- present)
  • Robert Covington - vocals, drums (1991-93)
  • Billy Flynn - guitar (1991-
  • James Wheeler - guitar (1991-
  • Bob Stroger - bass (1991-
  • Deitra Farr - vocals (1993-1996)
  • Allen Kirk - drums (1993-1996)
  • Mary Lane - vocals (1997)
  • Zora Young - vocals (1997)
  • Barrelhouse Chuck - piano (1997-)
  • Max Valldeneu
  • Chris Cameron (guest on several CD's)
  • Carl Weathersby (guest on several CD's)
  • Lurrie Bell (Guest on last 2 CD's and DVD)

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