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Randolph Hayes
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The Hayes Experience

Blues / Bluegrass / Acoustic

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana
United States

Randolph Hayes

Born in Clinton Louisiana, Randolph Hayes is one of three boys and eight girls of Isaac and Lizzie Hayes. As a young boy Randolph used to watch his father play guitar around the house and one day asked his father to teach him how to play. Since those days music has been a big part of Randolph’s life and he has continued to play on. Unlike many bluesmen from Randolph’s area, Randolph’s playing combined elements of bluegrass, country and folk music with some spiritual overtones. Randolph has lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for over 40 years and has managed to raise a family and operate several successful businesses during those 40 plus years. But nothing could stop Randolph from playing the blues, he has continued playing blues since his move to Baton Rouge.

In 1995, during the controversial O.J. Simpson trial, Randolph began to ask many questions with regards to the O.J. trial that he believed should be captured in song. Randolph believed he was asking the questions in the song “O.J.” that he and many people around the world really wanted to know. The “O.J.” song which was written during the O.J. Simpson trial was pressed by Tip Top Records, Inc. in 1995 and released on a small scale locally. Overtime, The O.J. song which is somewhat of a parody, yet asks straight to the point questions about the trial. Many local people felt that the O.J. song asked the right questions, and at the same time gave you the good feel of some good ole down home acoustic blues music that is infectious to the mind and soul.

Among other talents, Randolph is also publishing his first book in 2007. The upcoming book deals with marriage and relationships. Randolph feels he is asking and raising the questions that no one is asking or wants to ask, and in his opinion he’s providing his life’s experiences and possible answers to many unanswered or non-discussed questions and issues which are riding on the pulse of America’s day to day life regarding marriage and relationships. In many cases the questions and issues that has inspired Randolph to write his book are not dialogued about at all.

Randolph’s book title will not be given at this time in part to it’s highly controversial title and sensitive subject matter, and publishing issues that are being worked out with the publisher. Randolph and his associates are very excited about the upcoming book. Be sure to keep looking here on myspace for more on the book, and book release date. Trust us, you will not want to miss out on this book. (BOOK WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

For Info. & Bookings - Contact: Knockout Productions, Inc., c/o Mr. Stacie Kiper, P.O. Box 74684, Baton Rouge, LA 70874. (225)572-6934 Phone (225)771-1647 Fax *** E-mail:

Randolph's direct e-mail:

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