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Shannon Coberly
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Shannon Coberly
Trimmed And Burnin


Trimmed And Burnin Guitar Amps/Resolectrics/
Guitars/Bass Guitars/ Harp Amps

Trimmed And Burnin 's Blurbs: My name is Shannon Coberly, I'm 54 years old, in love with and married to the same awsome woman for 34 years. I have three fine sons and love Jesus.,,,, I started a full time buisness called Trimmed And Burnin Amps/Guitars in 2000 and spend most of my time building Custom Resolectric guitars, Electric guitars, Custom Bass guitars, Harp Amps, and Guitar amps.

I really enjoy building one of a kind guitars. It takes about 8 weeks to complete most orders. While I've had oppertunity to build a bigger shop, hire people, and put more "product" out there I wont do it. I do this for the love of building fine instruments and amps, not putting out more "product".. ,, I love Blues music, Americana, Roots, some Jazz. I play bottle neck slide, electric slide, lap steel, and a Mellobar slide guitar. For the last seven years I've fronted the "Trimmed And Burnin Blues Project" which is just that. A project of different musicans helping raise money for various benefits. I am also involved with a Gospel Blues Festival in Chilliwack BC every year called Back2Blues Fest.,,,,,, Please take a minute to check out my pictures, check out my freinds, and please come back often. I'll be posting new guitars and amps on a regular basis. Lets work together and respect each other. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burnin .. Image Hosting by

Introducing the 2009 Back2blues Fest guitar. I have been building and donating guitars to "the cause" for the last three years. This one is definatly built to play the Blues. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5.00 each by going to The drawing will be held on Sunday afternoon August 2nd,,, the last day of this years festival. Shipping will be provided if you are not able to pick it up. Stay tuned for updated photos as this guitar nears completion. Thanks,



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