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Good Music Club
Blues in Lithuania - Bliuzo vietos

Public enterprise “GM Club” (Good Music Club) is a non- profit organization, established in 2006, seeking to popularize listening to live good music in a club atmosphere.

Geros Muzikos Klubas

Our aim is to popularize not only blues and jazz; we want Lithuanian listeners to get to know “World Music”. This genre was developed in the 80-ies and 90-ies of the past century in the USA. It joins folk music with rock, jazz, pop and etc. It is the music that has no walls as it merges together folk music of many countries of the world and music of different genres into one whole.

Having a hotline contact with Chicago musical clubs we’ll offer an occasion to Lithuanian audience to meet and to listen to live jazz and blues legends as well as to the young generation performers. We’ll work on experimental musical projects.

Each concert is going to be distinctive, of different temperament and all of them will be of high professional musical level.

We intend to organize concerts in clubs in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. We are open for small cosy clubs fit up with good acoustics and wish to organize live music concerts.

GM club activity is not confined by one and only activity - organizing concerts. In the future plans of the club there is a project of enlightment of young people. It is intended to organize short time lectures on blues, the world music etc. in the Higher Educational Institutions in Lithuania. The lectures could be delivered by the musicians who come to give concerts here in Lithuania. For students of event organization we can offer apprenticeship in our club.

GM club can offer a musical group for company events.

Everybody who enjoys good live music is invited to visit this website and you’ll get the information about the concerts organized by the club.

Yours respectfully
Česlovas Švarplys club manager

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